Discover your organization's superpowers by engaging your employees
and connecting to our network of funders.


Train nonprofits to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing world.

We help nonprofits advance their impact by teaching the skills leveraged by the National Science Foundation and leaders in Silicon Valley. Our students: Learn to generate bold new ideas. Create fundable pilots. Present to panels of foundation executives and investors actively seeking to meet, and support, innovative nonprofits. read more

“All of us nonprofits are struggling to find different ways to accomplish our missions in changing environments with tightening budgets – just like entrepreneurs! There is a lot we can learn from each other. We have found Paul to be an enthusiastic teacher, coach, and partner.”

Ruth Banta Executive Director of Pathlight

“We now have relationships with the executive directors of foundations we’ve never been able to reach before.”

Riverside Industries

“I’ve been introduced to entirely new sources of funding outside of the traditional government/foundation world.”


Engage employees and strengthen talent.

People are the most important component of any organization. Yet, nonprofits often struggle with:

  • Non competitive wages because of constrained budgets.
  • Too few promotion opportunities because of slow growth, long tenures, and demographics.
  • Not enough engagement in work to excite new-generation workers.

Our training develops innovative programming, teaches invaluable skills, and engages talent. read more

Innovation Accelerator students have earned promotions because of their newly developed ability to:

  • Rethink existing programming to increase impact.
  • Build and scale innovation projects.
  • Confidently create & deliver high-stakes presentations.
  • Deepen relationships with board members, constituent groups and current customers by getting out of the office and into the field.

"What happens when the task of saving lives in the opioid crisis meets Innovation Accelerator? We work our way through to a new way of seeing, a new language, refined ideas, tasks and goals. And what emerges? A path forward to realize the vision - guided so carefully each step by Paul and Kelly, and all the mentors and sharks. We expect lives will be saved and this is a thank you for those who gave us the directives to realize the vision in a real world result."


Connect to Foundation Executives, Business Leaders, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Doing great work is necessary, but not sufficient. Most Executive Directors struggle to have enough high-powered people on their boards and in their networks. The right people can help you avoid organization-ending errors, open closed doors, and in some cases, write the first check that unlocks a wave of funding... read more

The structure of our training allows every one of our alumni to build relationships with veteran business, nonprofit, and foundation executives. Our top students have successfully secured pledges of hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding at our events.

“Throughout my 40-year career in human services I have never had the head of a foundation approach me and say I want to try this new funding method and I only want to try it with your organization. The reason: I have gotten to know some of your staff through your involvement with Innovation Accelerator and I am thoroughly impressed - they get it.”