Become a critical asset to your organization by learning how to solve problems few others can tackle.


Develop the indispensable skills your organization needs.

Mature nonprofits consistently excel at doing what they have done before, however, innovation is often hard to achieve. Through our training, you can:

    • Become one of the few people in the organization capable of rethinking existing programming to increase impact or adapt to sudden change.
    • Build and scale innovation projects.
    • Deepen relationships with executive leadership, board members, constituent groups and current customers by getting out of the office and into the field. read more
  • Confidently create & deliver high-stakes presentations.
  • Become a critical asset to your organization.
  • Build lasting relationships with mentors, funders, other fellow students and alumni at a wide range of organizations.

“Multiple staff have been promoted within the organization. This process is not only a necessity for nonprofits to consider, additionally it develops people who go through the process. Very grateful!”


Gain a deep understanding of your organization.

Our students gain a deep understanding of their organizations throughout the innovation process. In our class you will:

  • Generate new mission-aligned ideas to create earned-revenue programming by leveraging your organization's assets.
  • Learn how to gather concrete evidence that ideas are viable.
  • Expand your network working alongside veteran executive mentors.
  • Present everything you’ve learned to a panel of the most innovation-minded funders in the region who, if impressed, can write (and have written) checks.

Become a critical asset to your team.

Each team member (up to five people per organization) has valuable insights to share and will be asked to take on a vital piece of the work: researching, creating presentations, interviewing potential customers, etc. Each role teaches you valuable skills applicable outside of the course and of value to your employer.